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Through the 3D modeling of your products, we create and set up your private and encrypted or accessible to all exhibition space.
Thanks to the virtual transformation of your products, we allow your customers to access your store remotely.

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365 days

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Enviroments and products <br/> 3d modelling of

Enviroments and products
3d modelling of

UX/UI Design <br/> platform

UX/UI Design

Private access <br/> managed by password

Private access
managed by password

Our Clients


  • Access to a Room is managed through specific credentials, chosen and known by the owner of the service. You decide who and when can access it to view your project.
  • The "Rooms" are private and personal areas, within which it is possible to insert one's own projects to be shown to the public through real-time rendering techniques.
  • First you will need to register and create your personal profile, then you will send us your 3D project and we will convert your files into a suitable format to be uploaded to our servers.
  • Virtual Merchandising è una piattaforma online che permette la condivisione dei tuoi progetti tramite tecnologia di real-time rendering. Presenta i tuoi progetti di retail altamente immersivi, consentendo ai tuoi clienti di interagire con i prodotti presenti nell'ambiente virtuale.